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About the Austin Convention Center Expansion and Redevelopment


Your experience is incredibly important to us, so we focus on providing you everything beyond the basics. Work, mobility, and complimentary Wi-Fi are areas we give our full attention. Each day in our venue should be fully productive. An optimal environment for you to succeed.

Downtown Skyline

Getting Here

Find your way. Locate the Austin Convention Center in no time. From the interstate or airport, you cannot miss us. We are in the center of it all. North, South, East, or West, it’s not too far from us. So come this way, we are looking forward to having you over.

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Stop driving around in circles for the perfect spot. There are over 1,600 spots for you in one of our two parking garages. Both are positioned closely to our venue, making it a quick stroll from your vehicle to the event.

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5th Street Garage Entrance
Downtown Patio


It is all around you. Wherever you turn there are great eats to indulge. Go down the street, chow down on excellent Mexican food. Look to your left, there is sushi with your name on it. Take a trip around the corner and try out everything in the food hall. All in close proximity from one another. It only takes a few steps from here to there.

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There are no limits within our walls. No barriers to entry. Meet wherever you please with the aid of automatic doors, ramps, and scooters. Go through the halls, up and down the elevators, from room to room, so you can network with colleagues.

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Accessible Door Push Button
Business Center


Take care of all your business here. A business center, flight check-in kiosk, shipping services, and more, are brought together under one roof to make it easier for you to work and meet. We are your helping hand from beginning to end.

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Community and the Arts

Reaching out to the community. Providing a helping hand. Giving folks opportunities and education in a venue popping with color and creativity. This is our inspiration. Pitching in wherever we can.

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Art Installation

“Our members love coming to Austin. They attend sessions all day and take advantage of the entertainment and di- verse cuisines in downtown Austin in the evenings. There are activities for families which include museums, movies, shopping, exercising, and more. For the athletic enthusiast, there are plenty of trails to follow. Visit Austin!”

- Cindy Kirby, Texas Association of Secondary School Principals; 2018 TASSP Summer Workshop

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