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About the Austin Convention Center Expansion and Redevelopment


Welcome to the Austin Convention Center. We are committed to a convenient, accessible, and enjoyable experience for all. While adhering to the Americans with Disabilities Act, every effort is being made to ensure our venue is fully accessible. Should you require additional assistance, please contact your event coordinator.


Ramp photo

Walks, Ramps, and Entrances

  • Ramps and handrails are spread throughout our facility.
  • Ramps provide a gradual incline accommodating wheelchairs and scooters.
  • Automatic doors, requiring a simple push of the button, are available at select locations around the facility.

Service Animals

  • Service animals are welcome inside our venue.
  • Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.
  • Animals or pets that are not service animals are not allowed without prior written approval from the Austin Convention Center.
Service Dog
Elevator photo


  • All four levels within our facility can be accessed via our elevators.
  • Each elevator has a bumper safety system.
  • Major buttons in the elevator are readable in Raised Braille.
  • You can reach all buttons from a wheelchair or scooter.

Public Restrooms

  • Motion-enabled faucets and soap dispensers are installed in every restroom.
  • Each restroom has an oversize stall equipped with grab bars.
Public Restrooms photo
Nursing Mothers photo

Nursing Mothers

  • Mothers rooms and nursing pods are available throughout our venue.
  • Our mothers rooms are loaded with a changing station, sofa, and cooler.
  • Nursing mothers are given private, secure areas with comfortable furnishings.
  • Raised Braille is present on the signage for all our mothers rooms.

Pre-function, Meeting rooms, Ballrooms, and Exhibit Halls

  • Doorways are wide enough for scooters and wheelchairs to enter all meeting rooms, ballrooms, and exhibit halls.
  • Throughout our venue, the floor is level and has no slippery surfaces.
  • We prominently display directional signage throughout our facility.
Atrium Exterior

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