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Austin is a walkable city. With 11,000 hotel rooms in the central downtown district within an easy walk. All it takes is a stroll to reach the Austin Convention Center or one of the city’s many restaurants and entertainment districts, such as 6th Street, Rainey or Red River.

Where are You Staying?

Explore our map to find hotels within about a two-mile radius of the Austin Convention Center. There are plenty to choose from, none of them are too far. Surrounded by the city’s energy, you will never miss out on anything. Pick the perfect hotel for you.

For a complete listing of Austin hotels, please check out Visit Austin.

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Together Connected

Walk on over from the Fairmont or Hilton using the Fairmont Canopy Walk or Hilton Overhead Walkway at 4th. Forgo the wait for a pedestrian signal to cross the street. Comfortably travel back and forth as you please.

Fairmont Canopy Walk
Downtown photo

More Room For You

Exponential hotel growth continues to take place downtown. There is definitely no shortage of rooms. It is all trending up.

Projected hotel growth:

  • 2019: 11,389 hotel rooms expected available at the end of the year.
  • 2020: 12,144 hotel rooms expected available at the end of the year.

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