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July 2024 Lineup at Austin Convention Center: BPOE, Unicorn World, PLC at Work Institute, Dream Con

July 1, 2024

AUSTIN, Texas – July 2024 is set to be an exciting month at the Austin Convention Center, with seven events on the calendar. Highlights include BPOE, Unicorn World, APD Exam, PLC at Work Institute and Dream Con rounding out the month.

The BPOE 2024 Annual Convention takes place at the Austin Convention Center from June 30 to July 3. Hosted by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, this four-day event is a key gathering where the organization conducts official and legislative business, hosts educational sessions, presents awards and recognitions, engages in charity and fundraising activities, and holds various social events.

Unicorn World will take place at the Austin Convention Center from July 13-14. This family-friendly event is perfect for anyone enchanted by the magical world of unicorns. Attendees can look forward to exploring an enchanted Unicorn Forest, interactive unicorn stables, animatronics, and an Arts and Crafts Market.

There are two private events scheduled from July 16-21. If groups are organizing a member-exclusive gathering, non-public event, or invitation-only affair, they have the option to showcase the event on the Austin Convention Center and Palmer Event Centers’ websites and calendars. Additionally, they can request the host’s identity and other event details to be confidential.

The APD Exam is scheduled at the Austin Convention Center on July 19. Hosted by the Austin Police Department, the testing event is for aspiring police officers and cadets.

The High-Impact TEAMS in a PLC at Work Institute will take place from July 22-24 at the Austin Convention Center. This event is orchestrated for teachers to help students learn at high levels and to improve collaborative skills within the workplace. At this event, attendees can expect to implement a Professional Learning Community (PLC) at their school and learn new and different ways to collaborate and teach.

Dream Con is scheduled to take place from July 26-28 at the Austin Convention Center. This is an annual convention celebrating gaming, online content creation, and anime. This event is for anyone who wants to meet their favorite online streamers and influencers, participate in gaming tournaments, and explore various interactive activities.

The Austin Convention Center and Palmer Events Center are operated and managed by the Austin Convention Center Department (ACCD), a division of the City of Austin. The monthly event schedule for the Austin Convention Center can be accessed at

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