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About the Austin Convention Center Expansion and Redevelopment

February Lineup at Austin Convention Center: TCEA Annual Convention, RTI at Work, Austin RV Expo, Floral Show, and Texas Bar Exam

February 2, 2024

AUSTIN, Texas – In February of 2024, the Austin Convention Center will launch into an exciting lineup encompassing five key events. These include the 2024 TCEA Annual Convention and Exposition, the 2024 RTI at Work Institute, the 2024 Austin RV Expo, the 2024 Tradewinds Farm Direct Floral Show, and the Texas Bar Exam. Additionally, the venue has been secured for three exclusive private business gatherings.

The 2024 TCEA Annual Convention and Exposition, hosted by the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA), will take place at the Austin Convention Center from Feb. 3-7. This five-day event brings together educators and professionals in technology and education intending to improve teaching and learning outcomes through enhanced technology use. The exposition features a variety of technology solutions, products, and services from industry leaders, providing attendees the chance to explore cutting-edge educational technology tools and resources.

The 2024 RTI at Work Institute is scheduled at the Austin Convention Center from Feb. 19-21. Response to Intervention (RTI) and the institute focuses on providing professional development and resources for educators to implement effective RTI practices in schools. Educators attending can expect a series of workshops, sessions, presentations, and educational approaches that are aimed at identifying and addressing students’ academic and behavioral needs through a multi-tiered system of support.

The 2024 Austin RV Expo is set to take place at the Austin Convention Center from Feb. 22-25. This event is a showcase of a diverse array of recreational vehicles (RVs), providing enthusiasts and potential buyers the chance to explore the latest trends, lifestyles, and innovations in the RV industry. Attendees can anticipate a wide range of RV models on display, including motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and campers. Additionally, the show will feature exhibits on camping gear and services related to RV travel and outdoor recreation.

The 2024 Tradewinds Farm Direct Floral Show is scheduled at the Austin Convention Center from Feb. 27-28. This floral show serves as a platform to connect leading flower farms with flower buyers. The event features informative sessions on technology and marketing, along with over 70 floral booths providing a showcase for flower vendors and experts.

Scheduled from Feb. 27-28, at the Austin Convention Center is the Texas Bar Exam – February 2024. The Texas Bar Exam is a significant event for individuals aspiring to become licensed attorneys in the state of Texas. The Texas Bar Exam is administered in person by the Texas Board of Law Examiners (BLE) and is a crucial step in the process of becoming a practicing lawyer in Texas.

The Austin Convention Center and Palmer Events Center are operated by the Austin Convention Center Department (ACCD), a division of the City of Austin. The monthly event schedule for the Austin Convention Center can be accessed at

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