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About the Austin Convention Center Expansion and Redevelopment


Our vision is to build the Austin Convention Center of tomorrow, to be a catalyst project in the development of the Palm District downtown, and to continue to be an economic driver in the city of Austin.


On June 10, 2021 the Austin City Council approved the Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) method of contracting as the delivery method of best value to the City for the Convention Center expansion project which would demolish and rebuild portions of the existing Austin Convention Center and construct new elements for a facility expansion. This approval will allow staff to proceed with the following steps:

A link to the agenda item and associated backup can be found here. As part of the approval of this item, the Council passed a resolution that provided further direction related to the CMR process. That agenda item may be found here. On June 8th, the interim director of the Convention Center released a memo that describes the CMR process in more detail.

Redevelopment Background Information

  • Expansion of the Austin Convention Center, in conjunction with ongoing initiatives including Waterloo Greenway, the Palm District, and Project Connect, will transform the southeast corner of downtown into a community-centric destination
  • The expansion will greatly expand the available rental space of the existing convention center, allowing the center to remain competitive in the convention center marketplace
  • Expansion is the result of five years of study
  • The Austin Convention Center Department is an enterprise department of the City of Austin; this means it is not funded by property taxes, sales taxes, or through transfers from the electric and water utilities. As an enterprise department, funding for the Austin Convention Center and the Palmer Events Center comes from contractor revenue, facility revenue (includes facility rental and parking), Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT), and a 1998 voter-approved 5% Rental Car Tax. From the 11% HOT collected by the City, 6.9% is earmarked for the Convention Center Fund and the Venue Project Fund to pay for Convention Center debt service and operating requirements related to the Austin Convention Center and the original expansion project, including Waller Creek.
  • On Aug. 8, 2019, the Austin City Council approved an increase in the municipal HOT rate of a further 2% for a Convention Center expansion, bringing the total City HOT rate to 11%.


Downtown Austin Alliance Recommendation Letter

February 2022 KXAN Feature

Redevelopment Timeline

Redevelopment Timeline

Austin Convention Center Redevelopment and Expansion Report (2021)

052121 ACC Floor Plan Phasing Studies (2021)

Council Approval of CMAR Methodology (2021)

Council Resolution 20210610-096 (2021)

ACCD Master Plan Update Presentation (2020)

Cap Metro Downtown Station Redevelopment (2020)

Convention Center Economic Impact and Market Viability Study & Master Plan Update (2020)

HVS Study Presentation (2020)

Palm District Planning Initiative (2019)

Adopted Capital Improvement Plan and Hotel Occupancy Tax Rate increase Ordinance for Expansion (2019)

UT Center for Sustainable Development Report (2019)

Visitor Impact Task Force Report (2017)

ULI TAP Report (2015)

Master Plan Report (2015)

Renderings of the expansion are not available at this time (Coming Soon)