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Art can inspire, energize and induce a positive emotional response. For this reason, we are committed to featuring more visual art into the total experience of our customers, visitors and attendees. In keeping with the City of Austin’s Art in Public Places Program (AIPP), several iconic pieces were commissioned as part of the capital improvement budget for the original construction of the Austin Convention Center and subsequent additions. In addition to the public art collection, the Austin Convention Center Department began acquiring additional works by some of the region’s most accomplished artists, which can be found in various spots throughout the facility. Keep your eyes peeled for any of these exceptional works during your next visit!

Hank Waddell

Much of my furniture work is done in series. The source can be a whole tree, a tree trunk or, even a big limb. This piece is from the series “Peoples’ Walnut.” It is made from a huge limb from a walnut tree that fell into the street in front of Peoples Pharmacy. I love to combine metal with wood and keep the wood in a natural state. In this case, the piece is still round like the limb. Recycled aluminum legs give the design a spin on the mid-century look.

Artist Photo: Hank Waddell

Walnut Rocket Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man Tables