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Art can inspire, energize and induce a positive emotional response. For this reason, we are committed to featuring more visual art into the total experience of our customers, visitors and attendees. In keeping with the City of Austin’s Art in Public Places Program (AIPP), several iconic pieces were commissioned as part of the capital improvement budget for the original construction of the Austin Convention Center and subsequent additions. In addition to the public art collection, the Austin Convention Center Department began acquiring additional works by some of the region’s most accomplished artists, which can be found in various spots throughout the facility. Keep your eyes peeled for any of these exceptional works during your next visit!

Eric Lee

As my work evolves, I seek to explore that core concept…the effect of blending and transition from one color, form…and even material to another. I suppose that in a broad sense, this is my world view as well. That the key to things working between people of various groups…differing genders, religions, national origins, sexual preferences…and colors, lies in our ability to see the beauty inherent in each…allowing them to be who they are and our willingness to see the beauty in the subtlety that connects us.

Artist Bio: Eric Lee

Eric Lee's Artwork