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About the Austin Convention Center Expansion and Redevelopment

Expansion and Redevelopment

Our vision is to build the Austin Convention Center of tomorrow, to be a catalyst project in the development of the Palm District downtown, and to continue to be an economic driver in the city of Austin.

Project Overview

The City of Austin has grown rapidly into a top-ten preferred convention destination since opening the Austin Convention Center (ACC) in 1992 and expanding it in 2002. However, the existing Convention Center has insufficient space to accommodate the growth in event demand at the Center, while the facility itself creates a barrier between east and west, with no ground level interaction for the local community and visitors. Therefore, the ACC has begun the process of an expansion to its existing facility, to provide a larger, more efficient facility on a smaller footprint that will be a more active and community-friendly event space in the heart of Downtown Austin.

The new Convention Center will nearly double the available rentable space at the Center and position us to compete for the next tier of convention business and build the convention center of tomorrow!

Background Information

Council Actions on Expansion

Council Approval of CMAR Methodology (2021)

Council Resolution 20210610-096 (2021)

Austin Convention Center Redevelopment and Expansion Report (2021)

Austin Convention Center Redevelopment and Expansion Proof of Concept (2021)

Expansion Timeline

Expansion Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

Statements of Support

“This is an important day for the City of Austin. Releasing the RFQ for the design is the first of many steps, but is a vital one for our city’s future. An expanded convention center has been a topic of conversation for years and, as we continue to become a focal point in the world, we have to accommodate a large number of events. With an inadequate convention center, we lose out to competitors and, consequently miss out on millions of dollars for our Austin community. With a bigger convention center, the economic impact to our city is estimated to jump to over $750 million annually, from the current $468 million. A larger facility also means more travelers to Austin and jobs in the Austin hospitality industry.”

- Kirk Watson, Mayor - City of Austin

“Austin is blessed to have one of the liveliest urban cores in any American city that isn’t on a coast, but our convention center is outdated, undersized, and a barrier in the southeastern corner of Downtown. The vision to transform this space into a community-centric destination for visitors and residents alike while also re-stitching the grid is an exciting prospect for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that it could lead to new opportunities for a lot more affordable housing in the heart of District 9.”

- Zohaib Qadri, Austin City Council Member - District 9

“We’re so pleased to support the Austin Convention Center and the City of Austin as they move forward with the redesign project. While we’re excited about the prospect of reimagining SXSW for a few years, we look forward to returning to the new convention center in 2029 for an improved SXSW experience.”

- Michele Flores, SXSW Chief Logistics Officer