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Our Team

Mark Tester
Deputy Director - Chief Operations Officer
Paul Barnes
Deputy Director - Chief Financial Officer
Carla Steffen
Chief Financial Manager
Michele Gizelbach
Convention Facility Manager
Trisha Tatro
(512) 404-4218
Events and Exhibitor Services Manager
Alycia Sparkman, CMP, CEM
(512) 404-4208
Director of Sales
Amy K. Harris, CMP
(512) 404-4244
Public Information and Marketing Manager
Terri McBride
(512) 404-4020
IT Division Manager
Debbie Gossett
(512) 404-4034
IT Supervisor Sr.
Phillip Bays
(512) 404-4092
Security and Safety Manager
Al Eells
(512) 404-4125
Purchasing and Contract Administration Manager
Van Jobe
(512) 404-4047
Parking Services Manager
Hays Thompson
(512) 404-4262
Human Resources Manager
Brian Duff
(512) 404-4015