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  • The Austin Convention Center Department Green Team Committee has worked with the Austin Climate Protection Program to develop a first-of-its-kind Departmental Climate Protection Plan. This plan is intended to help reduce the Austin Convention Center Department’s carbon footprint and help the City of Austin meet its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2020.

    • The Department was verified carbon-neutral for 2013 following its purchase of 3,450 offsets.
    • Currently, the ACCD is awaiting final verification for its purchase of 3,570 carbon offsets for 2014 and 2,860 carbon offsets for 2015 to officially become carbon-neutral for those two years.
    • Carbon emissions are third-party verified every 3 years to insure carbon offsets purchased cover carbon emitted by the department.
  • We are continually educating clients and attendees on ACCD’s sustainability initiatives.
  • The Austin Convention Center’s Catering Services division is equally committed to sustainability.


  • Exhibit hall and pre-function lighting replaced with fluorescent lighting to reduce energy consumption and mercury content.
  • Installed exterior lighting has been redirected to reduce light pollution.
  • Lamps are the most energy efficient available, including using LED lighting when possible.
  • After event hours, all unnecessary lighting is turned off.
  • Exterior lighting is scheduled from sunset to sunrise daily.
  • Motion detectors are installed in most offices and restrooms.
  • Reduced lighting is provided during set-up and tear-down of events.
  • Older inefficient T12 fluorescent lighting was retrofitted with high efficiency T8 lamps and electronic ballasts.
  • LED lighting installed in all meeting rooms.

Renewable Energy

Through a mix of on-site panels and Austin Energy’s Green Choice Program, the Austin Convention Center is powered by 100% Renewable Energy.


  • Reduced amount of waste by replacing 12” box filters with more efficient 2” filters.
  • During non-event hours, leased space and pre-function areas are conditioned at 85 degrees.
  • Administrative areas are only conditioned Monday thru Friday, 5:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Water Efficiency

  • All fixtures retrofitted with low water hands free devices.
  • Intelligent irrigation system reduces waste.
  • Green roof reduces storm water run off and heat island effect.
  • Only native and adaptive plant species are used in landscapes.

Material Resources

  • Recycled carpet, with zero emissions was installed throughout the facility.
  • Recycled over 180,000 lbs. of old carpet.
  • Composting program diverts up to 66% of all waste from the landfill.
  • Waste Management Team sorts and properly disposes of event waste.
  • Recycling program increased through routine waste audits and policy development.

Recycling Efforts

The Department currently recycles the following items:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Metal
  • Batteries
  • Light bulbs and ballasts
  • Plastic
  • Toner
  • Glass
  • Carpet
  • Food scraps
  • Disposable food and beverage wares
  • We currently use recycled crushed 6th street glass in all ashtrays and as landscaping mulch.

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • All equipment purchased meets the recommended 70dba noise level.
  • Continuous commissioning of all automated systems ensures optimal indoor comfort.
  • Only products marked by a recognized third party testing agency for high indoor air quality standards are purchased.

Green Cleaning Practices

  • Green Seal Certified chemicals are utilized for 95% of all cleaning.
  • Our Integrated Pest Management program utilizes 100% organic materials.
  • Equipment purchases are compliant with LEED-EB Indoor Environmental Quality Standards.

Other Features

  • All Marquees are LED’s and are scheduled for use.
  • Escalators are turned-off during non-event use.
  • The Department participates in Austin Energy’s Smart Vending program and has vending misers on all refrigerated beverage machines.
  • Staff is encouraged to participate in the Car2Go ride share program for business travel during the work day.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Parking

The Austin Convention Center’s 2nd Street Parking Garage offers 30 preferred parking spaces for Alternative Fuel Vehicles. The 30 spaces will be spread throughout the garage, and will be in close proximity to the elevators located in the southwest corner. Alternative Fuel Vehicles include hybrid, electric, bio-diesel and flex fuel.