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General Planning & Building Information

• The Austin Convention Center is a non-smoking facility.
• Parking is not allowed in the service yard area.
• Animals are not permitted in the facility, except those in compliance with ADA regulations.
• Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and house lighting is provided only during show hours.
• A licensed Paramedic is required to be on sure when attendance is 5,000 or more and for sporting events and public shows. This is an exclusive service to the Department.
• A preliminary agenda is required sixty (60) days before the event.
• A final agenda is due thirty-one (31) days before the event.
• Changes made within five (5) days of the event are subject to reset fees.
• Contractor or an authorized representative must ne on-site when exhibitors and/or attendees occupy leased space.
• Contractor is required to pay the prevailing rate in effect at the time of the event for all services and equipment.
• A request to add or delete equipment (a reset) or a request for a change (a changeover) to the first room set is subject to labor fees and/or the cost of the additional equipment requested. (See Equipment and Services Rate Information)
• Helium balloons and special effect machines require prior written approval by the Department.
• Use of tape or adhesive products, nails, tacks, pins, etc. on any surface in the facility is not allowed.
• Contractor must return the facility to the condition in which it was received, with the exception of normal wear and tear. Additional fees are assessed for the disposal of excess refuse or display materials left on-site.
• Costs for damages to the facility or for clean up of the facility are billed to the Contractor.
• Equipment is maintained to accommodate simultaneous events and is assigned on a first-come first-serve basis. Equipment and furnishings beyond the inventory of the Department are the responsibility of the Contractor to obtain and provide labor to set and dismantle.
• The Department maintains an on-site business center when deemed necessary.

Exhibits and Floor Plans

• Contractors are cautioned not to sell exhibit space until the Fire Marshal has approved the floor plan in an effort to avoid costly changes involving exhibitions.
• A preliminary exhibit floor plan is required one (1) year prior to first contract day.
• Exhibit floor plans must first reviewed by the Event Coordinator, who then submits the plan to the Fire Marshal for approval.
• Aisles in exhibit halls must be at least ten (10’) feet wide.
• The exhibit hall utility boxes are located on thirty (30’) foot centers. Plan exhibit layout accordingly.
• Exhibit floor plans not aligned on thirty (30’) foot centers may be assessed additional charges and may not be accessible for utility services.
• An exhibitor list, both in alphabetical and numerical order, is required so prompt service may be provided to exhibitors.
• Exhibits in the ballroom require prior written approval. Utilities in the ballroom are limited and the cost for providing utility and technical services to exhibits is the responsibility of the Contractor.
• Events for the show or sale of firearms require Department approval.
• Contractor must provide any equipment or labor services for exhibit booths, i.e. tables, chairs, booth cleaning, aisle cleaning.

Fire Requirements

• All event floor plans require Department and Fire Marshal approval
• Fire hose cabinets, fire pull stations, aisle ways and exits may not be blocked or obstructed.
• Covered displays exceeding 300 sq. feet or multilevel displays must meet specific regulations.
• Open flames are not permitted in the facility.
• Toxic or hazardous materials are subjected to immediate removal if the required information is not received and Fire Marshal instructions are not followed. All costs associated with safe handling of materials, including insurance, are the responsibility of the Contractor. (See Fire Exhibit Regulations for more details)

Catering and Concessions

• Concessions, alcoholic beverages and catering services are exclusive to the in-house food and beverage management company.
• Department concession space per exhibit hall is a thirty by thirty (30’ x 30’) area. Additional space as needed for seating.

Audio Visual

• Production requirements must be submitted sixty (60) days in advance.
• Electrical outlets and audio patches are included with the use of the Department Preferred Audio Visual Company only.
(Excludes exhibitors and sponsors)


• Utility Services (electrical, water/drainage, natural gas, compressed air, telephone and technical services) are exclusive services managed directly by the Austin Convention Center Department contract.
• The ACCD does not allow a third party to process utilities requests or accept payments for utilities on behalf of exhibitors.
Please reference your Austin Convention Center Department contract.
• Wall outlets on ACCD Meeting Rooms and Mezzanine Rooms (excluding Ballrooms, Exhibit Halls, and Pre-functions space) are complimentary for basic audio/visual (A/V) equipment use. Outlets ordered for computer labs, exhibits or events requiring special electrical configurations are charged the prevailing rate.
• Credit will not be given for services ordered and not used.
• Production requirements must be submitted forty-five (45) days in advance.


• Security is an exclusive service to the Department.
• During move-in and move-out, a minimum of three (3) Department security personnel and one (1) Licensed Peace Officer are required to manage the service yard and public street (Red River).
• Final determination of the number and type of personnel required for an event is made by the Department.
• A four (4) hour minimum for labor is charged unless otherwise specified.
• Credit is not given for security services ordered and not used. Department determines the number and type of personnel required for an event. Overtime fees may apply.

Freight and Deliveries

• The facility does not accept, store, or ship freight or packages for exhibitors, delegates or the Contractor before, during or after an event.
• The Department will decline receipt of any shipments arriving prior to the first contract day. ACCD personnel are unable to sign for shipments.
• All freight must be shipped to the official service contractor before the event or delivered to Contractor or the official service contractor during the leased period specified on the contract.

Emergency Medical Services

• Paramedic (EMS) services are exclusive to the Department and must be ordered through the Department's Security Division.
• The Department reserves the right to require medical services personnel for any size and type of event.
• Paramedic services must be scheduled twenty-one (21) days prior to the first contract day with your Security Coordinator.
• A licensed Paramedic is required to be on-site when:
• An event has attendance of 5,000 or more.
• The Facility Contractor leases the facility for any type of sporting or athletic event regardless of attendance.
• A wheelchair is available for medical emergency purposes only.
• The Department does not lend out wheelchairs for non-emergency or attendee use. The Facility Contractor is responsible for providing wheelchairs for such use.
• The Department First Aid Room is located on the first level north of the Trinity North Elevator.

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