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Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

  • Electrical services
  • General information
  • Telephone lines
  • Internet connections
  • Electrical Services


How do I know how much power to order?

  • Please see our ordering guidelines or see our list of power requirements for common office and household items.


Will the electrical services be turned on when I arrive at my booth?

  • Yes, electrical services will be available for use immediately upon installation.


How many plugs do I get for each power source ordered?

  • Each power sources ordered and installed by the ACCD is a single receptacle capable of receiving a single device.


Can I supplement the single power source provided with extension cords and multi-outlet fixtures?

  • Yes, you can supplement your power source with a surge protector for additional outlets and extension cords to extend your power source. Cords and surge protectors are available at the service desk for a fee.


Can I bring my own extension cords and surge protectors?

  • Yes, customers are welcome to bring their own supplemental equipment.


What is the minimum power I can order?

  • The minimum power source available at ACCD is one (1) 1000 watt receptacle.


Does the power stay on for 24 hours?

  • Yes, power is available 24 hours.


Is there an additional charge for 24 hour power?

  • No, there is not an additional charge for 24 hour power.


How do I know which services belong to my booth?

  • All services will be identified with a label/ tag indicating the show, booth name, and booth number.


What happens if I did not order enough power and accidentally blow a circuit breaker?

  • If you blow a circuit breaker on a power strip, you can simply reset it from the unit. However, if you blow a circuit breaker to our distribution boxes, we will have to reset our box. You will be responsible for a resetting fee.


General Information

Do I need to check in with the service desk to say I am ready for my services?

  • We do not require exhibitors to check-in at the service desk for their exhibitor services unless you have ordered a 208 volt service that requires hard-wire or special receptacles.


Where are utility services accessed?

  • All services are accessed from the floor and some sources are available along perimeter walls.


Are exhibitor services available from the ceiling?

  • Sources are generally not available from the ceiling. Please contact us to see if we can make them available. Additional fees may apply.


Can I access exhibitor sources from the floor directly?

  • No, services must be installed exclusively by ACCD staff.


Where will my services be located?

  • Generally, services are installed at the rear center of a booth space, however, for peninsula and island booths, services will be installed in the location most convenient.


Do I need to submit a floor plan or booth grid?

  • If you require services to be installed in specific locations, especially with carpet installation, you will be required to submit a booth diagram/ grid, booth orientation and services coordinates.


Do I need to add labor charges?

  • Please see labor charges for applicable fees.


Can I and another exhibitor share services?

  • No, each exhibitor must order and pay for their own utility services separately.


Can I cancel services on-site?

  • Refunds will not be considered for services installed on-site.


Telephone Lines

Do I need a long distance line to call toll-free numbers?

  • No, local phone lines are capable of calling toll-free phone numbers.


Do I need a long distance phone line to operate a credit card machine?

  • No, most credit card terminals dial toll-free numbers for transactions. Customers will only require a local phone line.


Do I have to dial a special number to access an outside line?

  • Yes, all phones lines are dial-9 lines to access outside lines.


How many lines are included in a multi-phone line order?

  • Two call appearances are included for a multi-phone line order. Each additional line or call appearance must be ordered at a cost.


Are there special programming features available?

  • Yes, ACCD can provide a variety of special telephone line features such as voice mail, nondial-9 service, rollovers, and call transfer capabilities. Contact us to inquire about additional special program features.


Are telephone handsets available for phone orders?

  • Yes, you can pick up a handset at the utility service desk on-site.


Is there a charge for handsets?

  • No, there is no charge for telephone handsets, however, we do require a credit card number as a deposit for unreturned equipment.


What are the long distance charges?

  • Long distance charges are the prevailing AT&T rates at time of usage.


Internet services

How many devices can operate off a single internet connection?

  • ACCD provides a single ip per internet connection order. Individual ip address must be ordered for each device requiring connectivity.


Can I use a hub for my internet service?

  • Internet connections are locked to the number of ip addresses ordered.


Can I use a router for my Internet service?

  • Yes, you can utilize a router for the Internet connection provided.  ACCD does not provide any routers.


Do I need a static ip address for the Internet connection provided?

  • No, all Internet connections provided by ACCD are dynamic host configuration protocol or dhcp assigned ip Addresses. Contact us if you require a static ip address.


Is there wireless Internet service available?

  • Yes, complimentary wireless Internet services is available throughout the facilities. The wireless services have limited bandwidth and speed. Contact us for additional wireless service information.


Is there a charge for wireless Internet services?

  • No, there is not a charge for the complimentary wireless Internet