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Austin Convention Center Catering

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Austin Convention Center Catering

Welcome! At the Austin Convention Center, the Austin Convention Center Catering team prides themselves on not only meeting their customers needs, but exceeding them. Whether producing thousands of gourmet box lunches with European style sandwiches on artisan breads, a buffet banquet for an international crowd, serving hundreds of kegs of beer at public dances or the finest cutting edge culinary experiences for the most sophisticated palates we are ready to meet any challenge.

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Human Resources
Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
We are always looking for talented and hard working individuals. If you are interested in applying with Austin Convention Center Catering, please fill out an application and submit to Angela Alexander, Accounting & HR Director. Applications may be emailed, faxed or submitted in person by scheduling an appointment.

Austin Convention Center Catering and the Austin Convention Center Department actively pursues relationships with registered City of Austin Minority or Woman Owned Business enterprise (M/WBE) vendors.

To find out if you are a registered M/WBE, or to apply for certification, please contact the City of Austin Small and Minority Businesses Resources (SMBR) office.

Katherine Paynter — General Manager
Office: 512-404-4131          Fax: 512-404-4149

Britney Gilbert – Director of Operations
Office: 512-404-4139          Fax: 512- 404-4149

Jennifer Anthony – Director of Sales
Office: 512-404-4140          Fax: 512-404-4149

Ross Wagley - Sr. Sales Manager
Office: 512-404-4147          Fax: 512- 404-4149 

Kim Robinson— Sales Manager
Office: 512-404-4152          Fax: 512-404-4149

Brad Kelly — Executive Chef
Office: 512-404-4129          Fax: 512- 404-4125

Harlan Gibson — Executive Sous Chef
Office: 512-404-4129          Fax: 512-404-4125

Mando Haros — Sr. Sous Chef
Office: 512-404-4128          Fax: 512-404-4125

Chris Beardsley — Sous Chef
Office: 512-404-4156          Fax: 512-404-4125

Angela Alexander —Controller
Office: 512-404-4136          Fax: 512-404-4149

Anthony Newell — Director of Catering
Office:  512- 404-4127               Fax: 512-404-4149

Steve Ciancio – Catering Manager
Office: 512-404-4148           Fax: 512-404-4149

Sean Thornborrow - Bar and Concessions Manager
Office: 512-404-4134     Fax: 512-404-4149

Steffon Kendrick - Purchasing Manager
Office: 512-404-4141     Fax: 512-404-4149

Aaron Carey -  Executive Steward
Office: 512-404-4132     Fax: 512-404-4149


Attention to Detail • Flawless Execution • Accountability
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